Well, firstly it is there to protect both the employer as well as the employee!

The compliance of both parties involved is of the utmost importance.

Did you know that by law an employer has the responsibility to look after all his employees’ health and safety? However, it is the duty of the employee – by the same law – to look after his own safety, as well as that of his co-workers.

All employers must see to the reasonable protection against all potential hazards and harmful objects including dust, working at heights, dangerous objects, chemical exposure, vibration and radiation to name only a few.

Section 14 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act stipulates the following 5 responsibilities of the employee:

  • Remember that everything that the employee does or don’t do have consequences – they should be sure to act in such a way that keeps their own safety in mind, as well as the safety of those around them.
  • He/she needs to keep an ear out for any safety instruction the employer might have and adhere to it.
  • The company’s safety rules have been designed to address potential hazards and to keep the employee safe – compliance is of the utmost importance, even if these rules can seem tedious and unnecessary.
  • Should the employee become aware of any dangerous or unhealthy situation at work that is not yet addressed, he/she has the responsibility to tell their employer or head of department as soon as possible to prevent any harm.
  • In case of injury or an incident at work that might have caused the employee harm, he/she has to make sure to report the incident as soon as possible in order for the employer to take the correct and immediate action.

Both the employer and the employee are major contributors to the health and safety at the workplace. Compliance to safety rules is to the benefit of everyone.

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