Health and Safety in Mines

Managing a mine and to be responsible for personnel’s Health and Safety? Rather overwhelming, isn’t it? Don’t develop a headache yet – just contact us. We will show you how. Creating a healthy, hygienic, safe and legally compliant work environment is our field of expertise.

According to the Mine Health and Safety Act 29 of 1996, it is the duty of a mine manager to ensure that Occupational Hygiene measurements are conducted. Section 12 stipulates that the services of “a person qualified in occupational hygiene techniques” are required to measure and assess potential dangers and exposure to hazards, in order to get rid of or at the very least minimize them. The law further requires an Annual Medical Report on Employee health.

The SHE group is perfectly positioned to assist in creating a Healthy and Safe Environment at your mine for peace of mind. Our services are all encompassing and include developing Precautionary measures, Occupation Hygiene control, Continuous monitoring of Environmental Stresses and Evaluation.

Once we’ve done a thorough and detailed Risk Assessment, we will be able to identify and classify the risks linked to your mining activities and put measures in place to mitigate those risks.

The SHE group conducts monthly Occupational Hygiene Surveys and compile Quarterly reports submitted to the Department of Mineral Resources (as required by section 16 of the Mine Health and Safety Act) to ensure Legal Compliance at the Mine. We are on your side and would like your business to thrive. Safe and healthy workers are productive and loyal.

The SHE group will help you implement a comprehensive Occupational Health Programme and develop the legally required Codes of Practice relevant to the mine’s specific risks and challenges. Your tailor-made Occupational Health program will be monitored monthly and we give special attention to results concerning Airborne Pollutants, Gasses and Exposure to ultra violet radiation, Ventilation, Noise levels, Thermal Stress, Whole Body Vibration and Ergonomics.

The SHE group also offers continuous training of all employees with regards to Occupational Hygiene and environment-specific stress factors, as required by the Department of Mineral Resources.

SHE Group, your, Assurance in Knowing.

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