“Good is the enemy of great.” This has been the guiding principle of SHE Group since its establishment in 2008. The directors, all professional experts in their respective fields, boast combined experience of more than 50 years in the health, safety and environmental industry. Focusing on being great has allowed this well-structured company to build an excellent reputation in the industry. The SHE Group team’s disciplined approach has enabled the group to fulfil clients’ service expectations, needs and has allowed the group to establish great work relationships.

SHE Group is an accredited and professional health, safety and environmental business operating throughout South Africa as well as in other countries on the African continent.

We take pride in our service delivery and assist clients in managing a safe, healthy and legally compliant work environment. Projects are managed through an energetic partnership with clients with the aim of providing quality-driven, value-for-money deliverables. At SHE Group we understand the business factors leading to successful and sustainable change, therefore we transfer ownership of new business skills and techniques, while assisting management in managing the risk of change to the satisfaction of our clients. We assist management with managing the auditing, implementation and maintenance of OHSAS 18001, ISO 14000, ISO 9001 and HACCP systems. SHE Group is a corporate member of SAIOH, SAIOSH & MBA.


SHE Group is committed to adhering to the highest standards of corporate governance as set out in the King III Report (a voluntary, internationally acknowledged code for best practice for all entities). This include the sound development, implementation and monitoring of all policies, transparency, financial performance and sustainability, ethics, compliance as well as the integrity of reporting on the company’s activities. SHE Group operates according to the principle that true value can only be created from a solid foundation of proper governance as this is the determining factor in achieving success. In this endeavour, SHE Group is guided by its strategic objectives.


SHE Group’s board of directors is committed to leading by example. Leadership based on integrity provides the company with a solid foundation for all activities. For SHE Group, values are more than a list of ideals to uphold, instead values are the benchmark against which every decision and activity are measured. Leading by example implies that values are lived by every member of  SHE Group. In turn, this creates the type of disciplined environment that allows SHE Group the ability to turn promises into practice. SHE Group’s disciplinary code provides management and staff members with an effective set of guidelines that are achievable in real-life situations. This encompasses practical issues such as being punctual, dressed professionally, as well as making and implementing decisions that take into account the well-being of SHE Group and their clients.

SHE Group’s leadership team demands dedication from all staff members, not through enforcing rules but through setting the example. We have a stable, qualified and experienced management team that forms the backbone of the company.

Available 24 hours a day, management is committed to client satisfaction. With a competitive consultant-client ratio of 1:5 and consultant-site ratio of 1:15, the quality of SHE Group’s services is unsurpassed in the industry.


SHE Group acknowledges that companies do not operate in a vacuum but that its actions and decisions impact on its immediate communities, society in general and the environment. For SHE Group, corporate social responsibility is not merely an aspect of good governance, but a primary consideration in decision-making, from policy-development to each individual staff member’s actions on the ground

In addition, SHE Group is focused on being a valuable contributor in building a better future for all South Africans. Actions include, but are not limited to, investing in local labour where possible, job creation and the empowerment of staff members with skills additional to core vocational skills

The SHE Group has had to set an unbeatable example and, in some instances, break the mould of accepted practice in order to become the leader in our industry. Our clients are treated with the utmost respect and integrity in this regard. The SHE Group’s policies ensure that clients’ personal information will always be protected. Any references which may be required will only be used with the written permission of the client(s) concerned, and clients are kept up-to-date at all times. This means that we have a high level of trust and an impeccable reputation when it comes to our relationships with our clients.
Developmental policy

At the SHE group, we are devoted to providing mutually beneficial development opportunities to permanent staff. Any of SHE’s permanent staff members with identified potential who are interested in improving their qualifications are invited to apply for company loans and bursaries. This is mutually beneficial to the company, because qualifying staff members are required to plough back what they’ve learned for a predetermined period of time as repayment of the bursaries.

The SHE Group regards the provision of meaningful employment and equal opportunities as significant to the overall success and advancement of its business activities. The company’s general policy is to appoint the most suitable and competent person available. Priority is given to internal applications with regard to advertised vacancies.

The criteria include:

  • Required qualifications, both secondary and tertiary;
  • Previous experience;
  • Urgency in respect of appointment;
  • Training required, as well as availability of training and costs involved;
  • Job content – suitability and / or acceptability of applicant; and
  • Employment record and historic performance.

All vacancies are advertised internally, either in advance or concurrent with external media advertisements. The SHE Group’s recruitment procedure, as with all other procedures within the company, is geared towards providing the highest level of trusted service to our clients.

SHE Group is also committed to strengthening the health, safety and environmental industry by contributing towards well-trained staff members.

The company is also involved in selected community projects that share SHE Group’s philosophy and guiding principles.

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